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your_number1's Journal

7 January 1988
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♥ I'm Haylie.
♥ I'll be 20 next month.
♥ I live in Missouri with my fiance, Michael.
♥ I have three future step-children
♥ I'm a girly-girl, for the most part.
♥ My favorite color is pink :)
♥ I smoke occasionally.
♥ I don't drink.
♥ I don't do drugs.
♥ I watch a lot of TV... Simpsons, Family Guy, Smallville, George Lopez, and pretty much anything on Lifetime or Comedy Central.
♥ I'm a fan of all music - from The Beatles to Queen to Nelly to Disturbed.
♥ I am absolutely obsessed with Guitar Hero III
♥ I like to decorate cakes and I'm hoping to one day own my own business